Museum Update – Fashioning Machine 01

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It seems incredible that only a week ago the Museum of New Ideas came to life with it’s first successful opening thanks to the great contributions of Jennifer Bisch and Melaine Wesley. Thanks again for those of you who were able to attend.

After a mechanically eventful journey …

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… I arrived in Saskatoon with the Museum.

The first week of my residency has been taken up with catching up with some friends and bringing the darkroom and camera to a functional place not to mention preparations for the workshops.

Thursday the 5th was the first day of the Camera Obscura – Photographic Drawing workshop at PAVED Arts where 8 people were able to construct their own cameras capable of producing Photographic Drawings, thanks greatly to the assistance of Doreen Girard. Next week we will learn how to use the cameras to produce Photographs and Drawings and then combine them to create photographic drawings.

Yesterday I was able to pull a test strip to check exposure and light leaks from the new camera. As it is raining today will be taken up with the construction of a vacuum contact printer and making the Museum light tight.

Tomorrow will be the Museum’s debut in Saskatoon presented by PAVED Arts in AKA’s public art festival Street Meet. I will be opening  the Museum at several locations around Saskatoon ending at the Hollows near PAVED and AKA at 2:30 in the afternoon.