Permanent Vacation

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Aston Coles | Denton Fredrickson | Collin Zipp
July 17th 2013  (7:00-10:00 PM )
462 St Mary’s Road, Winnipeg MB

The Museum of New Ideas invites you to join us for an opening reception of the exhibition Permanent Vacation. Curated by Collin Zipp, this exhibition features the work of Aston Coles (Winnipeg MB) and Denton Fredrickson (Lethbridge AB) and is located in Andrew John Milne’s mobile gallery: The Museum of New Ideas. Come see the exhibit before it reaches its final destination at Struts Gallery’s MONDO MONDE New Media Festival in Sackville, New Brunswick.

The Museum of New Ideas is a traveling museum and photographic studio that considers personal and technological narratives of record and reproduction through the exhibition of contemporary artworks and historical artifacts.

Permanent Vacation | What happens when one moves, but yet remains static? The intersection between these two states demands a sense of navigation and awareness, as this interstitial space can be easily missed or bypassed but can offer a unique experience when realized. This place between motion and stillness is investigated in the exhibition, Permanent Vacation, by the artists Aston Coles (Winnipeg MB) and Denton Fredrickson (Lethbridge AB).  
Artist BiographiesDenton Fredrickson’s recent art practice explores relationships between sound, objects, technology, and architectural space. His installations have been exhibited across Canada, in the U.S., The Netherlands, France, and Japan. Denton currently works out of Lethbridge, Alberta where he is an Assistant Professor in the Art Department at the University of Lethbridge.Aston Coles is a multidisciplinary artist in Winnipeg, MB.  He uses sound, performance, installation and sculpture as tools for situating the viewer and artist into otherwise unlikely circumstances, toward a shared experience.  He is currently working on a series of short duration sound and video installations about transient events and their associated movements and sounds.

Melanie Wesley | Jennifer Bisch
June 28th 2013 (6:30 pm – 10:00 pm)
Old Market Square Parking-Lot

The Museum of New Ideas is very excited to announce our inaugural exhibition, Fashioning Machine.  The exhibition features artwork by mixed media artist Melanie Wesley and is curated by Jennifer Bisch, Artistic Director of the Dalnavert Museum.


The small exhibit will display a triptych of art and artifacts that explore the connection between the histories of industrial reproduction, computing, and fashion; woven together and supported by an all-too-often forgotten human economy.