MoNI … temporarily closed for maintenance

After a highly successful East Coast tour the Museum of New Ideas will be closing for maintenance until the 19th of September 2013.

After performing admirably, the number of mechanical challenges facing the Museum had increased to the point where it was not likely that the Museum would have made it back to Winnipeg. So while the Museum’s caretaker is fulfilling a control systems engineering contract in  Vancouver MoNI will get an updated engine and transmission.  All going well this will hopefully set the museum up for reliable touring for quite some time.


Maintenance will be performed by Eastern Canada’s best mechanic, Firth Ward  in Sackville NB.

On September 19th the Museum will go back into service as a photographic studio and will support the creation of a series of large scale photographic drawings that will be presented in an exhibition at Zephaniah Gallery in the fall of this year.