WNDX and the Museum of New Ideas present CELLULOID AND PUBLIC SPACE

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Saturday 28th Sept 2013

The installation will begin outside of Artspace  at 6:00pm and then become mobile throughout downtown over the course of the evening.

Andrew John Milne’s Museum of New Ideas will be an implement of guerilla projections around Winnipeg during WNDX. Projected from the mobile museum will be films from the Winnipeg Film Group’s 16mm film incubator workshop Celluloid and Public Space, run in the spring & summer of 2013. The workshop produced 100-ft silent films that were hand-processed, tinted and toned, and edited on the WFG’s Steenbeck suite.
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One aim of the workshop was to break down boundaries and mix together ideas from two different areas, cinema and architecture, by focusing on urban spaces and celluloid. Working with celluloid forces a slow and opaque process on the filmmaker, a very close working with the materiality of the film, and an exploration of material effects. This is all distinct from the faster world of digital media. There’s a similar split between ways of experiencing the city. The city can be imagined by designers as about function, getting from A to B fast, planning things out. But there’s another possibility: experiencing the city close-up, in the flesh, through real perception, accident, and discovery – what the urban thinkers the Situationists called la derive, the urban “drift,” wandering through the city. The drifting discovery of the city is an analogue to the discovery of filmic narrative through celluloid.

Blurring the boundaries between architectural and cinematic ways of seeing the world can also mean blurring spatial boundaries. Drawing on ideas from films such as Brillante Mendoza’s Service (2008), the intention from the beginning was to break down the physical walls of the cinema and bring the city in, while letting film flow out into the city. So the films created in this workshop will be projected not within a cinema but onto the city itself: outdoors, from a mobile pop-up cinema slipping from one urban site to another, in another kind of Situationist drift.

Featuring films by workshop participants: Sonya Ballantyne, Madison Thomas, David McGregor, Kristiane Church and Ivan Hughes.