Approaching BC …

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It was a beautiful days drive heading west from Regina. It is my humble opinion that the stretch from Regina to Swift Current is one of the most beautiful sections on the Trans Canada, but regardless of opinion it mysteriously manages to hold a significance for me beyond its appearance. It has arisen as a place symbolic of transformation in my life and my work at various points, today being the most recent.

banner The photocopy camera was in fine form for most of the day handily capturing another 700 images or so but alas as i approached Alberta the images became increasingly blurry.  After much trouble shooting the advancing softness was rectified by ‘turning it off and on again’.  Sadly my repair however was short-lived as it then immediately developed a symptom of constantly trying to eject a page even though there does not appear to one in the copier.  My instinct tells me that it is worth a ‘roadside servicing’ so that will be my evenings activity in the Walmart parking lot outside Lethbridge.

I am not overly discouraged as I am also recording the journey digitally and had planned to insert sections of colour digital images where the photocopier had insufficient light or in this case malfunctioned. I was however looking forward to photocopies of the Rockies, but that will now be dependent upon some fortuitous tinkering. (Sigh,  I already checked the Nelson and Lethbridge Kijiji to no avail)



Interestingly enough as the black and white copier took a break, I ended up driving directly into a beautiful sunset with moonrise in tow.