Farewell to the XD155df and Hello to the HP LaserJet 3055

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The next couple of days proved eventful as  I tracked down a used copier on Kijiji in Lethbridge.

WP_20140906_019 (2)WP_20140906_015 (2)

The conversation on the Phone was amusing …. ‘So I’m  calling about your copier ‘ … ‘Yes? Ok great I’m about an hour out of the city (Lethbridge) and I’m just passing through …. but I need a copier… I’m using it as a camera and my Xerox broke down … can I stop by in one hour? … thanks!

And there it is, a thing of beauty. Well it worked for about 5 minutes and then … Paper Jam!

There was something shifty about the sale … ‘my wife wants a color one’ , he said … and then didn’t seem to want the money …

Wait a second ….. what is that in there …. ?

WP_20140906_031 (2)That kind of looks like a   … ‘Cheerio?!’

WP_20140906_030 (2)Confirmed! A paper obstructing Cheerio! This may be the first camera on the planet to malfunction due to having Cheerios in side. Maybe …

WP_20140906_023 (2)

After about 45 minutes of roadside photocopier maintenance I had extracted 2 1/2 Cheerios and 1 piece of dog food … alien objects removed, copier ran like a top for the rest of the day.




 It would be somehow wrong to say good by to the Xerox without a small tribute to its services …

WP_20140906_017 (2)

The Xerox feeling the relentless wave of technological progress …

WP_20140906_007 (2)

In Retrospect I should have called the number …

WP_20140906_009 (2)

At the end the paper eject rollers just ran and ran although no paper was there …

WP_20140906_010 (2)

They don’t name technology like this anymore … perhaps someone at Xerox knows what XD155df stands for.

WP_20140906_011 (2)

…. and the lights shine no more.