East Coast 2.0

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The Museum of New Ideas has now departed on it’s second tour of the eastern Canada. #eastcoast2pt0

It’s a funny thing that as excited as I am about the Museum exhibit coming together my soul is most deeply lifted by the fact that the truck now has a bookshelf in it! Albeit a hidden one.


This tour has begun as others with an incredibly intense period of manufacturing, creation and installation before loading everything into the truck and heading off. New rear door, new wall shelf, new praxinoscope and exhibition text. With lessons incrementally being learned the current system is far more functional than previous trips. I can now convert the truck from studio/living/travelling/storage space to an exhibition worthy experience without having to remove anything from the truck which, will for the first time, open up the original vision of the project to provide spontaneous street-side exhibitions.

Yesterday involved driving from Winnipeg to Thunder bay on not as much sleep as I would have liked but after a couple of rest stops along the way I had picked up an old traveler named Mike who realistically was not so much older than me as i would like. His almost uninterrupted flow of comments and reflections on all details of life served to make the drive more interesting.

I’m now off to fill up the truck and start on today’s project, driving to Sault Ste. Marie.