Twisted Sisters

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By the time I had my fill of sleeping was organized for the next day of driving, I pulled out of Thunder Bay later than I would have liked. It meant missing out on the latter half of the trip around the lake on Hwy 17, as it was competed in darkness. I was however able to catch some delicious soup at the twisted sister in Marathon and have a little sightseeing at pebble beach before sunset. I then carried on to roll into Sault Ste Marie quite late (or early, depending on how you call it.)

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Today I decided to travel through the USA as it was a little quicker getting to Woodstock and it also allowed me to stop for a quick meal with some beloved friends in Ann Arbour Michigan and I’ve watched enough M.A.S.H. to get a kick out of driving to Toledo.


Border Crossings are strange days. Upon returning to Canada I had a moment of indecision deciding whether the Museum should go through the ‘Truck’ or ‘Car’ toll crossing and was immediately (literally) pulled over by a border control car, of course I chose incorrectly: Truck. Semi-Truck would be more explicit. The guard was cordial and pleasant enough and readily sent me on my way once he clarified my confusion and filled out the required paperwork.


I am now in Woodstock and have put the final late night touches on the show for the opening tomorrow. Many thanks to Mary Reid and the Woodstock art Gallery who will be hosting the Museum of New Ideas over the next three days. It will be exciting indeed as I will be visiting six high schools showing at the gallery in between and providing some television and radio interviews.

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