Arrived in Fredericton

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The Museum of New Ideas enjoyed a pleasant drive from Woodstock up to Toronto where we stopped for an impromptu parking lot exhibition and some tea and conversations with new friends before continuing on to Montreal to fill up on gaz.

After driving across the city a couple of times in search of Sunday propane fill-ups, the Museum driver got to spend a few minutes of relaxing looking at the sculptures in the Park des Abords du Pont. After getting in a little drawing practice the Museum continued up to Rivier du Loop and over to Fredericton, resisting the urge to stop at .. ‘Kings Landing’ !!!?.

I was met by sophia bartholomew who set me up with where I will stay for the week and gave me whirlwind tour of downtown Fredericton, thanks Sophia!. It is nice to stop for a few days to catch up on administration and get my brain geared toward the work that I will be making while here in New Brunswick over the next three months … drawing … augmented reality … 3D scanning … aerial photography … future machines.

This evening I will be happily sharing a meal with other artists active in the Fredericton community. On Friday (23rd) the week will be closed out with a presentation of ‘In an Instant!’ from 6-7pm with an artist talk by Andrew John Milne to follow at Connexion ARC.

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