Current Events and Farewell for Now …

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On Friday the 24th the Museum of New Ideas presented ‘In an Instant !’ outside Connexion ARC which was followed by an artist talk by Andrew John Milne.

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  • Ready To Go
  • Mail Station
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  • ConnexionARC03

The weather was gracious enough, after a cloudy and rainy afternoon, to present a half an hour of sunshine right at dusk. This allowed for experimentation with the Photocopy-Camera by the artists which came to the talk and presentation.

The Museum will be returning to Fredericton on the 24th of May for a week to engage with Fredericton artists in creating collaborative work and or exhibitions. In the mean time the Museum and its caretaker are headed north to Moncton to setup studio practice at Gallerie Sans Nom and the Aberdeen Art Centre.