Regina … check! Wheel Allignment … check!

Regina … check! Wheel Allignment … check!

Sometimes a good repair begets another … … new springs were put in the front of the Museum before leaving Winnipeg as both were previously less than pristine to put it mildly. But observing the tire wear cause by the new front end parts between Winnipeg and Regina it was clear there wouldn’t be ant […]

MoNI … temporarily closed for maintenance

MoNI … temporarily closed for maintenance

After a highly successful East Coast tour the Museum of New Ideas will be closing for maintenance until the 19th of September 2013. After performing admirably, the number of mechanical challenges facing the Museum had increased to the point where it was not likely that the Museum would have made it back to Winnipeg. So […]

Staircase Approaching Completion

A couple of shots of the staircase nearing completion…   [flexislideshow pageid=”” lightbox=false lboxtitle=false slideshowtitle=false]

New Staircase Design

[pictureframe image=”” align=”center” lightbox=”false” title=”Folding Staircase Design” link=”” width=”” height=””]   Here is the CAD model for the Staircase design developing shown open and closed.  It will be constructed with a welded steel sub frame, curved wooden steps and wooden banisters.      

Sign Complete

[flexislideshow pageid=”” lightbox=false lboxtitle=false slideshowtitle=true]   After a month of camera building, Andrew John Milne the Museum’s caretaker, is busy working on the Museum again.  The hand painted sign has been completed by Dave’s Sign Spot, while design and construction of the folding staircase are underway.    

Staricase Mockup

Working out the basics for the folding staircase

Livery Mockup

Paint-Job complete time for some signage!

Unicity Autobody

Here is the Van in the paint shop. I decided to go toward a Victorian colour pallet for the exterior and between brown, gray and green as the finalists I went with brown. (I hope that UPS doesn’t mind)


This is an excerpt…