The Museum of New Ideas and Andrew John Milne will provide a workshop at Galerie Sans Nom June 4th 5th and 6th. (Times TBA)

$40 Workshop FeeWP_20150514_002

(Covers three days of workshops, the cost of materials for the workshop and constructing your camera)





Day 1

Participants will construct a fully functional Camera Obscura which supports tracing images from projection with pencil and paper as well as capturing photographs with film. Workshop participants get to keep their camera when the workshop is complete.

Day 2

Learn how to use your camera creating drawings and negatives.

Day 3

Learn how to print your images using liquid light and paint your photographs into your traced images to create mechanically rendered Photographic Drawings.


Thanks to our hosts and supporters who made this event possible : Galerie Sans Nom, Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation and the Manitoba Arts Council

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