On August 21st Third Space Contemporary Art Gallery will host the first annual exhibition of Third Shift a group exhibition of site specific works installed into the Trinity Royal Heritage Conservation Area.

The Museum of New Ideas, presented by Third Space Gallery, will participate presenting a future history of the emergence of psychic technologies in Saint John New Brunswick. Psychic Technologies and forgotten ghosts will be revealed within the streets of Saint John’s Trinity Royal Conservation Area through the installation of specially designed Spectral Viewing Mechanisms.

01 Grannan and Canterbury‘Nearly a century after the birth of electronic telecommunication technologies the existence of psychic fields were formally discovered opening a new untapped form of telecommunications.  Saint John was quick to capitalize on this emergent technology as the Trinity Royal Conservation Area turned out to be particularly well suited for transmission due to the psychic weight of its historic architecture. Large transceivers embedded within the urban landscape proved to be problematic as they tended to reveal spectral souls that had remained unseen for hundreds of years or more ….