The Museum of New Ideas is a traveling museum and photographic studio that considers personal and technological narratives of record and reproduction through the exhibition of contemporary artworks and historical artifacts. **


The Museum provides a small space for exhibition measuring 5ft deep by 6ft wide by 6ft high that is accessible via a grand but also small staircase. Located inside a tiny step van the Museum is mobile within the limits of most conventional vehicles. (9’ H, 14’ L, 6” W)


The museum aspires to allow a participant to move between viewer and collaborator by providing opportunities for engagement and interaction. Participation may occur within the physical space of the museum or through a form of modern telematic apparatus.


The Museum accepts curatorial submissions year round. Curators are encouraged but not required to consider the times and locations of the exhibitions within their proposals. Exhibitions may be spread over several dates and locations to allow for multiple works or artifacts to be exhibited or allow for participants from a range of locations or communities to experience the exhibition.



Record’ will be considered to include all processes that document or describe such as: timekeeping, record keeping, storytelling, cartography, photography, painting, digital measurement, film, video, audio recording, computer programming, etc.

‘Reproduction’ will be considered as any process that is the presentation or reanimation of a record or recording,



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